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The Pilot

So everybody that flies is a natural born pilot....right?  NOT!

The pilot, Tom "Lark" Larkin was afraid of roller coasters and often got air sick in airplanes as a child.  After a brief stint with radio controlled airplanes, he started flying lessons at age 19 while in college, and he earned his private pilots license in just 62 days.  Tom received an Aerospace Engineering degree from Georgia Tech, and then entered the Air Force for pilot training in 1984.  Tom was selected as a T-38 Instructor pilot, and then progressed to the F-15C.  He was awarded Top Graduate in F-15 school, and he flew 22 missions in North Iraq in support of Operation Northern Watch and Provide Comfort.  Tom later was selected as an Instructor for the Air Force Fighter Lead-In School in the AT-38.  He left active duty in 2000, and now resides in the Denver, CO area.
Tom is a currently a captain, instructor, and evaluator in the 737 for a major airline.  He and his wife Laura of 34 years have a set of twins that are thankfully done with college!  Tom has participated in aerobatic competitions in the Christen Eagle and the Staudacher (a high performance monoplane similar to the airplanes you see in most airshows).  Tom has also flown a Pitts, Yak 55, Panzl, Rebel, Extra 300L, and Laser; as well as numerous other non-aerobatic aircraft.  Tom now performs exclusively in the Mini Jet.  Tom has 10,000+ hours total time in over 55 different aircraft, with approximately 8,000 hours of that in jets.

During the show, Tom will be performing a cross section of maneuvers that he routinely used while instructing and flying fighters in the Air Force.  Mini Jet Airshows is the culmination of a 30+year dream to own and fly a Mini Jet in airshows.

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